Sunday, February 19, 2006

Zone created in 0.922 seconds

I noticed today that in the latest OpenSolaris code that "zoneadm clone" exists. Unfortunately, cloning a zone only offered the copy mechanism that was essentially "find | cpio". A bit of hacking later and we have this:

# time ksh -x /var/tmp/clone
+ newzone=fast
+ template=template
+ zoneadm=/ws/usr/src/cmd/zoneadm/zoneadm
+ PATH=/usr/bin:/usr/sbin
+ zonecfg -z fast create -t template
+ zonecfg -z fast set zonepath=/zones/fast
+ /ws/usr/src/cmd/zoneadm/zoneadm -z fast clone -m zfsclone template
Cloning zonepath /zones/template...

real    0m0.922s
user    0m0.128s
sys     0m0.171s
This comes is achieved using zfs to create a snapshot of the template zone, then clone the snapshot to create the zonepath of the new zone. A bit of cleanup is needed, but goodness is on the way.


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