Saturday, April 03, 2010

Connecting to twist server

Once your development environment is set up, it is useful to know what is required to connect to the twist server.

#! /opt/opsware/smopython2/python2

import sys
from pytwist import *

# Establish an unauthenticated connection to twist server.  Note that the
# hostname "twist" must resolve either through /etc/hosts or DNS.
ts = twistserver.TwistServer()

In the event the hostname twist does not resolve or points to the wrong twist server, you can do...

ts = twistserver.TwistServer("")

See the TwistServer Method Syntax section on page 75 of the Developer's Guide for other options that may be important to you.

It is also quite likely that you will need to do an authenticated session. This is covered in the Error Handling section on page 76 of the Developer's Guide. In order to prompt for a username and password, I have found something like the following works well...

def authenticate(server):
        for tries in range(1,3):
                        sys.stdout.write("HPSA login: ")
                        user = sys.stdin.readline().strip()
                        pw = getpass.getpass("HPSA password: ")
                        server.authenticate(user, pw)
                        return True
                        sys.stderr.write("Authentication failed.\n")
        return False

ts = twistserver.TwistServer()

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